Unconventional cures for flabby thighs

One question I am often asked on Monday morning is why certain bodyparts seem to tone up while others lag far behind in terms of overall development. While everyone is genetically “endowed” with certain bodyparts which develop naturally , the most common answer is that the target area contains at least 1-2 hypertonic muscles.

While this may sound like seltzer water on steroids, the term hypertonic refers to a condition in which muscles are rendered abnormally rigid and unable to move fluidly through the range of motion. Physical causes of hypertonic muscles can range from old injuries to emotional stress and lead to the formation of lesions or triggers point which alter the muscles range of motion.

Because the muscle is unable to contract and relax properly during exercise, it becomes tight and weak.  Usually originating in smaller stabilizer muscles, this hypertonic effect spreads to effect the movement of entire areas of the body. One example of this are tight and weak calves which inhibit the development of the glutes, hamstrings and hips.

Often, clients with flabby lower bodies are the victims of this issue, meaning the first step to tightening up your thighs is to lengthen and stretch the calves. The key to this process is elimating trigger points and then stretching the muscle to restore normal range of motion.

Rather than adding extra volume to your workout, try dropping all direct hip/thigh work for two weeks and performing the following sequence of 10-15 minutes daily. Once this is accomplished, strengthening exercises can be resumed with great success.

  1. Foam roll calves:
  • Perform with a tennis ball or foam roller
  • Roll for 60-90 seconds and press down on any tight or painful spots
  • If it hurts, this means you need it!

2. Static calf stretch

  • Hold stretch for 60-60 seconds
  • Bent knee to stretch lower calf
  • Straight leg to stretch upper calf

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