Performance meals for Breakfast

When it comes to fatloss, we have all heard that a healthy breakfast is the fuel that kickstarts a healthy
metabolism, but the components of such a meal remained somewhat shrouded in mystery. While some advocate high
carb and calories confections for energy throughout the day, others are content with a boiled egg and OJ to
kickstart their day.

One comment I often get from new clients is that they simply have no appetite for breakfast, but they are ravenous
by mid-morning. This makes sense because only once your body kicks in to gear does it realise it’s requirements for fuel.

By that time however, you are usually out the door and on the way to work. With this in mind, re-training your hunger impulse
is a crucial step in long term fatloss and maintainence. The fact is that a large has been shown to dramatically increase
cognitive performance while quelling hunger throughout the day.

In terms of composition, I like to use the 2 to 1 ratio depending on your goal. When low carb dieting, including around twice as much protein as carbohydrates helps to quell hunger throughout the day while still providing energy for the day. For sports or on workout day, simply flip this number to get an energy boost which will last well in to the afternoon.

In either case, your breakfast should be at least 1/3rd larger than the size of dinner– meaning someone on a 1500 calorie diet would consume around 350 calories for dinner and 500 calories for breakfast.

Aside from size, the other issue many run in to with breakfast is what to eat in a hurry. With this in mind, here are a few goal specific selections:

Fatloss (Low carb):

Performance/Muscle gain (Higher carb):


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