Are you what you eat?

In my line of work, one thing I get a lot of is frustration over diet. Based upon the principals of calories in versus calories out, a switch to fruits, veggies and protein only would seem to drastically reduce calories while easily dropping weight– on paper, that is.

Despite a rather long history of cutting out processed crap, it seems some individuals can eat greens and chicken until they are green in the face and not shed a pound.The reason behind this is that while calories all begin the same, the way your body reacts to food changes over time.

Much like exercise, adaption to the same food means that your body becomes more efficient at digesting each meal. While this may be good for the stomach, this does not bode well for the prospects of weightloss.

By contrast, the ideal scenario for weightloss is frequently changing your foods to increase the body’s thermic effect.

In short, this refer’s to the calories it costs your body to burn/digest food. The thermic effect of food can count up to 10% of daily metabolism and give you the edge on fat burning.

Interestingly, a client who has been stuck at the same weight for around a month– despite eating healthy– miraculously dropped four pounds during the week of his family’s visit.While this does not mean throwing in the towel on veggies/protein, try taking an off-day each week or an off-week every two weeks in which you completely change the foods you eat– while keeping the calories at similar levels.

On a daily basis, small changes to your routine will keep the body guessing to maximize this effect. If you have been stuck on a weightloss plateau for several weeks, try these steps to tip the scale in your favor.


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