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Interval training for productivity

February 3, 2009

If I had only one measure to quantify improved fitness, it would be work capacity the ability to do the same amount of work in less time). In essence, working harder– as opposed to checking email, watching facebook and other greviances of which I am frequently guilty– means squeezing as much producitivity out of that vital half hour or hour during your busy day.

As a personal trainer and business owner, this has become all to clear for me as I am frequently forced to multi-task between training clients, marketing, logistics, and these five minute blog entries. With this in mind, I have often wondered if/how a fitness technique such as interval training could be applied to boost natural productivity.

Studies have shown that the attention span of the average adult is around 20 minutes and while this figure is highly subjective, Ive found this has become something of a bench mark for my “20 on 10 off philosophy”

In short, this involves working intensely and then allowing the mind to recovery through either meditation or light recreation for ten minutes. Repeated several times, this technique has vastly improved my own ability to get things done in short order while staying focused.

The trick is not to overload your rest period with reading or extranious info that could quell concentration. In any case, the clock is about to hit 20 minutes, so I am off to zone out. Hope this helps you do the same (after being productive)